Wednesday, June 18, 2014

H2O2 or Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy, The next step I took

I know it’s been just over 2 years since I last posted about the beginning of my healing journey so I would like to return to that line of thought.  It’s hard not to just jump ahead and get to what I’m doing now, but I promised I would talk about this.

The next thing I tried was Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy.
Now this is not the brown bottle peroxide that you pick up at your local pharmacy.  This is actually a dangerous chemical if not handled safely.  But if you have been through high school, you’ve probably been through some sort of chemistry class and done lab time.  Lab time should have taught you to wear gloves, cover your body, preferably with a smock or apron and make sure you have a clear work area to decrease the chances of spilling.  I give this warning now because if I don't some might accidentally hurt themselves and I don't want that to happen.  I want the experience to be a good one, because done properly it is one of the best things I've done for my body.
I first heard about Hydrogen Peroxide from my cousin.  She is also someone who is dedicated to making and keeping her body in top working order by feeding it good food and helping it to heal using alternative therapies.  My cousin and her husband had been researching Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy themselves and had just started taking it and had already started feeling the benefits.  She was excited.  She knew that I was the type to look things up and try them out after reading a few books or trusted sites so she recommended that I search this different therapy out.

The first website I came across was The Many Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide by Dr. David G. Williams.  If you just do a search for Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy allot of information will come up, but this is almost always the top result, I think because it gets right down to the heart of the matter.
Some of the sites that show up are pure scare tactics, warning you that it is dangerous and could possibly hurt you, and it can.  It is when purchased one of the purer forms of Hydrogen Peroxide.  The Hydrogen Peroxide used in this therapy is a 29% strength, the one purchased at the pharmacy is only 3%, so this peroxide is about 10 times stronger.  But that is not how it is used.  To use this Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, you must first dilute it down to 3%.  I know you must be thinking, ”Well, why can’t I just use the pharmacy stuff, it’s already 3% ?” It is recommended that you use Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide because the Pharmacy Hydrogen Peroxide usually contains additives. The Arthritis trust article Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy explains saying:
“The 3% drugstore hydrogen peroxide also contains tin and phosphate compounds that are dangerous to consume either by means of IV (intravenous) or orally.”  
That also makes it taste like medicine so that people don’t drink it by accident.  The article also gives the dilution equation:
“Where a 35% “food grade” is diluted to a 3% concentration by use of 1 ounce (2 tbsp) of 35% H2O2 to 11 ounces (1 ⅓ cups) of distilled water.” This equals 12 oz of fluid or about 1 ½ Cups.  This is a good size batch that should last some time.
The 3% concentration is then used by quantities of drops in distilled water, increasing the dosages and number of oral treatments daily throughout a number of weeks as explained in “The Many Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide”.

In the beginning for my batches I would use a Quart Canning Jar with the equation.  Then I would place a small portion into a Dropper Bottle like this:
Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy

If you use essential oils, you might have a few of these laying around.  Because Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy is done using various amounts of drops, these bottles take the hassle of using and carrying an eye dropper out of the equation.

Dr. William Campbell Douglas wrote a book that goes into the history of Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy called Hydrogen Peroxide - Medical Miracle.  I don’t remember how I came by a copy, but one came to me and I devoured it cover to cover.  If you are even slightly interested by now and considering this therapy, this is a Must Read.

Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy

Most Doctor’s sincerely want to help you get better, and Natural Therapies are gaining more of an audience since I started my journey.  But Doctor’s are also just working with known scientific information and are generally resistant to something as controversial as this.  I would recommend discussing this with your Doctor so they are informed and so they might be able to help you if you happen to suffer through something like the Herxheimer Reaction or other side effects of Detoxification.  If your Doctor reacts extremely negative.  Remember, they have your health in mind, they are working with limited information and IT’s your body.

I think I will leave it there for now.  You have a few articles to read and a book to find.  Next time I will discus what happened during my H2O2 Therapy experience.

Time for me to start cooking for my husband.  Cheers.