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I have spent the majority of my non work life of the past 13 years researching ways to become healthier. I am not a nutritionist.  I am a constant student of the school of life.

Disclaimer:  I am not a nutritionist.  I am not a doctor.  I do not have any affiliation to any sites that I link or mention in this blog.  If you read my blog please remember to:
  • consult a doctor or nutritionist before making any major diet or nutrition changes. 
  • consult your doctor or pharmacist to check if there are known interactions before new vitamins, minerals, herbs or essential oils are used with any of your major medications.
  • do your own research on healthy alternatives.  
My journey is one of many, I only hope to inspire others to start their own path to health and wellbeing.  I am not totally healthy yet.  I am still a work in progress and am not perfect.  That being said, Doctors are not perfect either.

As my blog grows, so will this page, but the first entry: Trying to find my Niche… the beginning that ends with the Beer and Wine Store Girl is a major part of this story and I will be bouncing back and forth from this present and that past and all points in between.

If your comments are derogatory, inflammatory or in any way inappropriate they will be deleted.      It is assumed that we are all adults here.  Act appropriately and treat people here as you would treat people in real life.  If you do happen to be underage, act as though one of your parents is in the room and you are speaking in front of them.  Follow these simple guidelines and your post will stay posted.  I am more than happy to answer questions about experiences, but I will keep personal details private.
Side note:  If you happen to live in my neck of the woods, you might have seen some of my content before on other social networking sites.  I am reposting the content here to make it available to a wider audience, not everyone is my friend on other social networking sites.  I will do my best to keep names and locations anonymous by either not listing them or by renaming them.  This is a blog about a personal journey and people are in it, so some might be unavoidable.
I hope you enjoy my blog.  Nice to meet you, constant reader.