Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dry Spice Tea as Pain Relief

In my never ending search to reduce my intake of over the counter pills and prescriptions I have come accross a couple of herbal mixtures that actually do help and dont have to break the bank.

My personal mix is evolving every time I make it.  I call it Turmeric Chia Tea and it includes:

  • ½ cup ea of:
    • Turmeric powder
    • Ginger powder
    • Cinnamon powder
  • 1 tsp ea of:
    • Allspice powder
    • Clove powder
    • Nutmeg powder
    • Cardamom powder
    • Coriander powder
    • Black Pepper powder
Add all to your blender or some sort of mixing device, I use a Nutribullet, and blend well.
I'm slowly adding more of some of the more volatile powders to my mix to make sure I have time to adjust to them and to see if any new benefits/symptoms occur. This time cardamom is new.  mmmm, the cardamom makes all the difference in flavour!
Directions for use:     1 tsp of mixture in my coffee per day
Makes: 81 tsp
So if you are only taking 1 tsp per day this mix should last you 81 days.
I get most of my spices from Superstore in bulk in the Asian section or the spice isle. I was without my mix for 2 days and got sick and the pain and stiffness came back. I just had my dose with coffee and can feel the spices moving through my body.

Allot of health food stores tell you that you "Have to buy Organic!".  I'm sure that organic is nice, but I don't have the extra funds to spend on a smaller amount of powder.  Along with that, I can say this works.  I am living proof.  As I've said in previous posts, I don't recommend something unless I've tried it myself and I've been using this evolving recipe for over a year.
I do have to recommend that you ask your Doctor if any of these spices specifically interact with any of your medications, prescribed or not.  There is always the possibility of adverse reaction.  I am not a Herbalist, Naturopath or Doctor.  I'm just someone who is interested in getting as healthy as I can be and am willing to read and try anything to further that goal (within healthy reason).  I do start off slowly.  If I'm not sure if I'm going to react to a spice because something on the internet said it might be strong... I use a small amount (like a dash or ½ a tsp or less) and increase it slowly in the mix.  The initial mix started out as Turmeric Tea.