Friday, October 25, 2013

The reason I seem to have abandoned my blogs...

I was raised a consumate crafter. My mom, didn't know that I had ADD, she just knew I needed to keep my hands busy.  I believe she may have been undiagnosed herself (I'll knever know unless she gets tested).

The point of that confesion is, I have either been taught or watched and learned almost every fabric craft available (the conventional ones at any rate), except for cross stitch (but I am still young enough to learn ).  I have been given the wonderful opportunity of having some extended time off by my loving husband, partly to adjust to my new diagnisis, dealing with my RA and just to wind down from my last job. Of course, not being able to just sit still for long, I decided to teach myself crocheting. Not a hard task as I soon rememberd that my mom used to while away her hours doing the same, keeping her hands busy.  I soon found myself mimicking her remembered rythm.

Throwing myself into this new hobby has been all consuming. I spent hours working on different projects, aquiring yarn and tools. Since March 2013 I have also taught myself to knit. Between these 2 crafts I have an endless number of stitches to lean and endless ways to combine them. I'm obsessed.

So between knitting, crocheting and getting my house in order, all the while throught the different side effects of new meds, I have had little time to write.  I do hope to resume my blogs. I find them a great release.  I hope to post again soon.